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Mar+28+Tutilo+1Tutilo lived in the late ninth and early tenth centuries. He was educated at the Benedictine monastery of Saint-Gall. Two of his classmates have been declared “blessed.” All three gradually became monks in the monastery where they had gone to school.

Tutilo was a person of many talents. He was a poet, a portrait painter, a sculptor, an orator and an architect. He was also a mechanic.

His greatest talent was music. He could play all the instruments known to the monks for their liturgies. He and his friend, Blessed Notker, composed tunes for the liturgy responses. Only three poems and one hymn remain of all Tutilo’s works. But his paintings and sculptures are still found today in several cities of Europe. The paintings and sculptures are identified with Tutilo because he always marked his works with a motto.

But Tutilo was not proclaimed a saint because of his many talents. He was a humble person who wanted to live for God. He praised God the way he knew how: by painting, sculpting and composing music. Tutilo was proclaimed a saint because he spent his life praising and loving God. Tutilo died in 915. –

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