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st joseph husband of mary kiulu

Kiulu, 42 km from Kota kinabalu,  is about one-hour drive from KK.  It is famous for its white water rafting.  St Joseph Husband of Mary Parish was established on 1 October 2014 with Fr Bruno Yasun as resident priest and Fr Daniel Jomilong as his assistant.  It used to be part of St John Tuaran.  It covers three zones: Kiulu, Lokub and Pukak.  The first church building was built by Fr Terpstra in 1961 in Kg Tombongon.  Simon Panilau served as catechist from 1959-1962.  A primary school was built in 1962 with Simon Panilau as teacher and Simon Gonsilou as head master.  In 1964 Pius Toyos replaced Panilau as catechist (1964-1966), Anthony Bongkok (1967-1968).  In 1967 a catechist association was formed with Anthony Dunggap of Toboh Ranau as chairman.  There was no catehist from 1969 to 1971 due to the political crisis in Sabah where many Mill Hill priests were deported.  In 1972, Thomas Kunsiang was sent to the Catechist Training Centre (PUSKAT) Keningau for three-month training.  He returned to serve in Kiulu until 1974.  Julian Siong served from 1975-1980.  In 1976 Fr Gerard Preyde was assigned in Tuaran and he visited the community frequently.  In 1986 Fr Peter Abas served in Tuaran Parish and he sent Paulus Sakim to PUSKAT.  Sakim served as catechist until 1990.  He was replaced by Magdelina Dumat who served from 1990 to 1993 after receiving training in PUSKAT.  San Damiano Convent was built in 1992 for the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (FSIC).  By 1996 there were 27 chapels in Kiulu.

The chapels under Kiulu Zone are St Bruno Mantaranau, St Vitus Poturidong, St Agnes Borombon, St Martin Malangang, St Mary Raganan, St James Talungan, St Lucy Rangalau Baru, St Francis Rangalau Lama, and St Bonaventure Mongkonihab.

Sr Veronica Kandaung fsic (professed 1975)
Sr Joan Michael fsic (professed 1992)
Sr Diana Ihing fsic (professed 1993)
Fr Marcellinus Pongking (ordained 1996)
Sr Maria Banting fsic (professed 2002)
Sr Jaslia Ramut fsic (professed 2002)
Fr Jasery Gabuk (ordained 2004)
Sr Younne Happy Runsab fsic (professed 2005)
Fr Isidore Gilbert Gondilou (ordained 2009)
Fr Wiandigool Runsab (ordained 2010)

P.O. Box 160, Pejabat Pos Mini Kiulu, 89250 Kiulu Sabah

Tel: 088-783996
Fax: 088-782996

Parish Priest: Fr Erik Jerome
Asst Parish Priest: Fr Florian Marcus(01.12.2023-)
PPC Chairperson: Rayner Katong(2023-2026)
Dalinah Banting (2023-2026)

Mass available:
Sun: 8:00 am (BM)

Pastors Past & Present
Fr Bruno Yasun 2014-2017
Fr Thomas Madanan (9.7.2017-) 
Fr Daniel Jomilong (2014-2017)
Fr Postinus Kurup (31.7.2017 – Oct 2022)
Fr Erik Jerome (1.7.2019 -)
Fr. Peter Chung (01.10.2022-30.11.2023)
Fr Florian Marcus(01.12.2023-)

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