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shepherds-voiceGood morning to you all!

Last year during the Deepavali holiday, some of you were here for the first workshop organised by our parish SOCCOM committee.  In that workshop, we tried to understand what social communication is, and to see if the participants would be able to assist the parish in this new apostolate.  I am happy to note that after that workshop, our parish website has improved a lot and now, after a year, it is doing quite well.  Thanks to your commitment and great interest in this apostolate.

This morning I am glad to see many of you from other committees and parish groups in this second workshop.  I believe you are here because you realise the impact the Internet and social media have on your own lives, how they can promote certain ways of thinking, certain opinions on social issues, certain trends in social behaviour, and as such, if properly used, can be effective tools for evangelisation.

I said “proper use” because media technology can also be abused and bring about negative effects on the Church.  For example, wrong teachings can be spread like wild fire through social media, over promotion of a particular group, publication of unverified information and sensitive issues, articles which come from questionable sources, opinions which are against the commandment of love, and so on; all these can bring about negative effects in our people.  But, with a proper monitoring mechanism, I trust that this will not happen to us.

Now, if we want our parish website to be a source of information and formation, I think every group and committee will need to play its part by contributing information and news about your activities to the SOCCOM committee.  In  that way our parishioners will be able to know what is going on, and hopefully will be attracted to join any of the committees or groups.  We also hope that lapse Catholics will come back to the Church after they see and read the contents in our website.

It is my prayer that our efforts will contribute to the universal call for new evangelisation in the Church through media technology.  With this, I hope this workshop will bear good fruits.  God bless you all.  Thank you.

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