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Catholic Sabah marks 60 years of existence in December

PENAMPANG – Come December, Catholic Sabah marks 60 years of existence.

Catholic Sabah, as the official newspaper of the three arch/dioceses in Sabah, shares in the mission of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Gospel values by providing information, education and a forum for discussion. The Catholic Sabah provides objective and accurate current information about the Church, both worldwide and local, received through wire services, news magazines and local reports.

Brief History
Catholic Sabah was first published in the year 1957 as a parish bulletin for Penampang Mission. In 1971 the bulletin became an eight-page tabloid-sized, fortnightly edition in English and Kadazan.  Later, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese pages were added.

The newspaper has gone through tremendous changes to be the product it is today. Over the years changes were made to the masthead, the number of pages, contents, and design.

It is currently published by the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu with a print-run of around 8,700 copies per issue.

The Catholic Sabah commands a readership of approximately 18,000 Catholics throughout the state.

Who reads Catholic Sabah
It is distributed/sold in all the Catholic churches in Sabah as well as a few parishes in West Malaysia. The paper features local parish news, Vatican news, news from the Catholic world, well-researched articles on contemporary religious issues and popular syndicated columns of Catholic interest.

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